Application example: Novo Nordisk

We are using GOM Inspect as an advanced viewer program for projects generated in GOM Inspect Professional. Most projects focus on plastic part comparisons with CAD models (color mapping), where point clouds originate from CT scans. We use feature generating in GOM`s software to build up alignment systems for CAD comparison. The plastic parts are, for example, insulin pens (Novopen), which are used to inject insulin into the body of a diabetes patient.

In particular, we decided to use the GOM Inspect software because it gives our customers the opportunity to operate their own post-processing, which is important in the early stages of plastic part development.

The main benefit for Novo Nordisk since it started using GOM Inspect is the fact that point cloud data can be post-processed by its design engineers, which helps save scan personnel resources.

We have already upgraded the program and we now own two GOM Inspect Professional licenses. The upgrading allows us to easily reuse a measurement template, made for one set of scan data, for the following set of scan data by importing and replacing.

We do not have at hand the exact number of GOM Inspect users, but our guess is that around 20 users, mainly design engineers, benefit from it already. As it runs without licenses and therefore works as an advanced viewer program, it can be used on the designers’ personal CAD computers and it is not restricted to dedicated workstations, which is the case with the two Professional licenses we own.

Jan L. Andreasen
Senior R&D engineer, Ph.D. Mech. Eng.
Experiments, Device R&D
Novo Nordisk A/S

Location/Country: Hillerod, Denmark
System: Computer Tomograph (Evaluation of CT data)
GOM Inspect usage: Advanced viewer program for projects generated in GOM Inspect Professional
Main area of business: Global healthcare company with main focus on diabetes treatment, haemophilia treatment, growth hormone therapy and hormone replacement therapy